What In-Call Features are available?

In-call Features are dial commands that can be used during calls to place a call on hold, transfer the call, etc.

In-call features work on:
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound calls
  • Endpoints
  • Calls forwarded off-net

List of in-call feature dial codes:  

In-Call Features How To

*2 Transfer

How to use

  • Dial *2
  • Other end hears hold music
  • You hear "Please enter an extension followed by the pound sign"
  • Enter an extension or phone number
  • Press #
  • Optionally stay on the phone to talk to the person you are transferring to
  • Hang up to complete the transfer

To cancel

  • After dialing *2 but before entering an extension → press #
  • After dialing *2[extension]# → press *0  (Here is what the flow looks like: A calls B, B transfers to C, B pressing *0 terminates call between B and C, leaving A and B still connected)

Invalid entry

  • Upon invalid entry, caller hears "That was an invalid entry" and is returned to the caller
  • In order to try again, dial *2 again

Caller ID

  • Assuming A is on a call with B, and B transfers to C
  • B's caller ID is shown on C's phone while ringing
  • A's caller ID is shown on C's voicemail (if C is an extension AND the call goes to voicemail. Does not work for calls to DIDs, only calls directly to extension numbers)
  • When transferring from off-net (i.e. DID > Fwd Call: off-net), the transfer will appear as coming from the account's default extension or from a random extension.

NOTE: There will be two call logs entries: the original call and a second outbound call for the transfer

*2* Voicemail Transfer

Behaves the same as *2, except that it goes straight to the extension's voicemail. This is STILL an attended transfer and requires the transferer to hang up to complete the transfer.

How to use

  • Dial *2
  • Dial *[ext]#
  • Hang up

Caller ID

  • Assuming A is on a call with B, and B transfers to C
  • A's caller ID will be on the voicemail


*6 Call Parking (Beta) Must be enabled by our support team in order to participate in the Beta testing of this feature

How to use

  • Dial *6
  • Parkee hears hold music
  • Parker hears the parking extension where the parkee was placed
  • Another extension can call that parking extension directly to "pick up" the call
  • Parking extensions have a timeout of one minute (this may change), after which the call will be returned to the parker.


*7 Call Recording

Works whether the account has recording enabled or not.

How to use

  • Dial *7
  • You hear a message saying if call recording has started or stopped.
  • Other end does not hear anything.
  • Press *7 as many times as you want during a call to start or stop recording.
  • Recording is available in the call logs.


  • If there are multiple sections recorded, they will be concatenated into one recording available in the call logs.
  • If recording was already enabled at the system level, *7 will STOP the recording (e.g. useful if you are taking a payment over the phone and don't want to record a caller's credit card number).
  • If call recording beep is enabled, *7 will start or stop it as appropriate.


*8 Hold

Uses system hold music.

How to use

  • Dial *8
  • Other end hears hold music
  • You hear "Press any key to return to the call"
  • You can press any key to return to the call.



*9 Block Caller

How to use

  • Dial *9
  • If other end is NOT on the Spam Callers List, they are added to it.
  • If other end IS on the Spam Callers List, they are removed.
  • Blocker hears "This caller has been blocked" or "This caller has been unblocked".
  • Blockee does not hear anything.
  • Call continues.

Does not work for:

  • Calls from anonymous caller ID
  • Extension-to-extension calls

NOTE: You can dial *9 multiple times in a call to block/ unblock