How do I view and update my Intelligent Answer Bot scripts?

This article will walk you through viewing and adding Intelligent Answer Bot scripts.

Select Receptionist Services on the left panel of More Services. 

Here you will see your existing Intelligent Answer Bot scripts under Receptionist Scripts. Visible aspects on this page:

    1. Script ID
    2. Name of Script
    3. What type is it
    4. Plan that was chosen with it
    5. Are appointments enabled
    6. The greeting of the script
    7. Status of enabled or disabled

You will also be able to click Create a New Receptionist Script to make a new one.


Creating Contacts

Create a name (team/group or Person specifically)


The First action will always be to ring a user or direct number. Note: International numbers are also accepted, but the account must be enabled for international calling).

You can add more destinations/actions to ring more people sequentially.

The second action has the two options previously stated, as well as leaving a voicemail or sending an email.

And Email a message: you will type in the email address. 

The Intelligent Answer Bot will ask the caller to record a message, then transcribe it and email it to you.

The system will automatically switch if a terminating action is above a non-terminating action.

 Create as many contacts as needed using the same instructions in the steps above.