Where can I find or change my voicemail PIN?

You can find or change your voicemail PIN using Configure.phone.com or Control.Phone.com


If you use Configure to administer your account , log in to configure.phone.com  and click on the Users button in the left nav bar.


configure left nav bar

To the right of the user select the three vertical dots to open the action menu. Select Edit User Settings from the action menu.

configure user action menu with highlights

Pro tip!  If you are looking to change your password, go to our login page and click on forgot password.

configure user settings of the profile view where the voicemail pin section is highlighted

Under the profile tab you can change the Voicemail Pin. Then select Save to apply your changes.



If you use Control to administer your account log into Control.phone.com


Mouse over Configure and click Manage Users and Extensions. Click Edit for the extension with the voicemail password that you want to change.
control panel extension edit button

Scroll down the page, and under Voicemail, click Reset Password. Our system will assign you a new voicemail password. Alternatively, you can type your own numeric password in the Password box.

Control panel vm pin

At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Your voicemail password is reset.