What taxes and fees are billed to my account?

Phone.com is regulated by the FCC as an Interconnected VoIP Carrier, which obliges us to collect certain taxes and fees.

Taxes and fees are collected by many states, as well as by some counties and cities, based on state laws and regulations. This is why you may be charged a different total price on your bill for a specific service based on where you live.

We’re often asked why we don’t even out taxes and fees, charging a flat-rate total price across the board, regardless of where our customers live. The answer is that we are not allowed to bundle taxes and fees into a lump sum, and are required by law to itemize each tax and fee. The amount and type of taxes and fees also change regularly.

We don’t enjoy charging taxes and fees, but we must do so in order to provide our service. Some of the most common taxes and fees we collect include:

Regulatory Recovery Fee

This is a fee Phone.com charges to help defray the costs incurred by complying with telecommunications obligations. These fees help us recover charges imposed by State and Federal governments and State and Federal Universal Service Charges. The Regulatory Recovery Fee is not a tax or a government-required charge.

For general information on understanding the taxes and fees charged on your phone account, please visit the FCC website.