What is the difference between AI-Connect and Live Answer Connect?

Phone.com customers can take advantage of our Live Answer Service (live humans) or AI-Connect (AI-powered automated reception).

Live Answer Connect
AI- Connect



Live Answer Connect

    With Live Answer Connect, your business can now have its very own live answering service adding versatility, flexibility, and availability to your company no matter the size.

    High call volume? Multiple extensions to transfer to? Appointments to book? No problem. ​

    With our US-based professional live receptionists, your calls will be answered by a real person then guided to wherever you choose such as a voicemail box or a different extension. ​

    Your Live Answer Connect Service Can:

    • Answer in your company name with a scripted response.
    • Take messages and send them via email or text.
    • Forward calls to voicemail, extensions, or mobile phones.
    • Complete an attended transfer.
    • Schedule appointments for clients and prospects.
    • Maintain HIPAA compliance.




    PricingPlans start at $125 per month 


    Get your callers to the right person and screen out SPAM and and allow callers to make, reschedule, or cancel appointments with AI-Connect.


    What can the Intelligent Answer Bot do?
    AI-Connect is a virtual reception service. It routes callers and manages scheduling according to your instructions 24×7.

    With the Answer Bot, you can:

    • Have calls answered in your company name with a scripted response
    • Forward callers to voicemail, extensions, or mobile phones
    • Have the caller’s name announced before accepting a transfer
    • Receive messages via email
    • Allow callers to make, reschedule, and cancel up to 7 different appointment types with different durations.
    • This service is just $19.99 per month per script with the first month free.



    What similarities do they have?

    • You can have multiple scripts on the same account
      • Can use both AI-Connect and Live Reception at the same time
    • Warm Transfer (similar to call screening) will allow a customer to accept a call with a yes.
    • Extension CHR setups will be followed through completely every time it is transferred to an extension. For example, if the extension rings the mobile app, then forwards to an external number, both actions will be followed prior to the scripting next destination
    • Charges are billed per script, and annual billing is due the moment the script is made for the remainder of the cycle.


    Why would I choose one over the other?

    Our Live Answer Connect service is ideal for businesses that want to provide white glove service to callers during business hours.  The live answer agents are capable of setting appointments, providing basic business information, and getting calls and messages to the right team members.

    AI-Connect is an inexpensive  solution that doesn't use real humans but is still able to screen and route calls efficiently and effectively and manage appointments for callers.