What is Live Answer Connect?

Live Answer Connect will allow you to provide white glove service to your callers by providing a live person to answer and direct calls.


  • Live call answering 
  • Virtual Receptionist 
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Takes Messages
  • No Spam calls due to live calls

In Depth Feature Review

  • The answer according to the script given by the company using Live Answer Connect
  • Follow Simple call instructions based on client criteria
    • If this, then that
  • Take messages and send them to email
  • Call forwarding (voicemail, extension, cell phone) and screening
  • Attended transfer, cold transfer, send to voicemail
  • Appointment setting, only using Appointedd linked to customer calendar
  • Inbound calls only
    • Work on a schedule, same as CHR’s


    • No international numbers. It only works with US phone numbers. Local and Toll-free
    • Agents will not make ANY outbound calls
    • Receive calls after hours
    • Set an auto-terminating rule. It MUST be manually set. 
    • Not 24/7 service

    Business Hours: 

    Live Receptionists are available:
    • 24/7 
    Live Receptionist Holidays:

    December 24th and 25th - Christmas Eve and Christmas
    January 1st - 2022 - New Years Day
    May 31st - Memorial Day
    July 5th - Independence Day
    September 6th - Labor Day
    November 25th and 26th - Thanksgiving Day

    How much does it cost?


    Monthly Plans
    50 minutes $125
    100 minutes $199
    250 minutes $449
    500 minutes $799
    1000 minutes $1,299



    How quickly is my Live Receptionist service activated?

    Typically we begin answering calls for your business 24-48 hours after you complete your intake interview.

    Who is answering my calls?

    100% of calls are answered by a highly qualified team of agents at our state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, NV. They have been selected for their professionalism and trained to deliver the highest customer service expertise.

    Do you specialize in particular types of businesses?

    The Phone.com Live Receptionist agents are trained to take calls for all types of companies in various fields, such as legal, medical, and real estate.

    What happens when more than one person calls at once?

    As a Live Receptionist user, you have all the advantages of a large call center at your service without the cost. This effectively gives you a multi-line telephone system so callers never get a busy signal.

    Is Live Receptionist HIPPA compliant?

    Yes. Just like our voice and video services, Live Receptionist is HIPAA compliant.

    I want a Live Receptionist. Where do I start?

    1. Start by filling in the form  https://www.phone.com/live-receptionist/ OR
    2. Call our Sales Team at 844.746.6312.
    3. If you are already a Phone.com customer, you can request an intake call from the Live Receptionist option in the Control Panel.