What is E911?

You may notice E911 on your invoice and in your account settings. Here's all you need to know.

What is E911?
Phone.com's E911
VOIP E911 Limitations
Important Details About E911
Adding a E911 Address


  • Enhanced 911 or E911 is a system used in the United States of America to automatically provide the caller's location to 911 dispatchers.
  • When dialing 911 from the Phone.com system, incoming 911 calls are routed to Intrado. The dispatcher's computer receives information from Phone.com about the physical address (for landlines) or geographic coordinates of the caller. This information is used to dispatch police, fire, medical, and other services as needed.

How Phone.com Handles E911 

The FCC requires interconnected VoIP services to offer 911 as a standard feature and not let users opt-out.  In order to comply with E911 standards we obtain and transmit our customers physical locations and call back numbers to the emergency dispatch teams at the nearest 911 call center.

Limitations of VOIP E911

Even with the FCC's directives and VoIP services' cooperation and best intentions, there can be problems accessing 911 via VoIP

  • 911 calls via VoIP may not work if there's a power outage, or the call may drop if there's an internet outage.
  • If a user doesn't update their physical location with their VoIP provider, 911 emergency teams won't be able to find them.

 911 Calls & The Importance of Having a E911 Addresses on File

Users can make VoIP calls wherever they can find an internet connection, the 911 call center can't know exactly where you are unless you register your VoIP device to a specific physical location. This means it's up to the user to register their physical address with Phone.com and notify and update their address  if they move.


How To Add A E911 Address



  • Log into your Phone.com account

  • Navigate to Configure> Manage Users & Extensions

  • Click edit on your extension

  • Expand the Settings menu

  • Click E911 address (this option is not available for virtual and softphone extensions)

  • Click Update Address

  • Enter the address information and click Continue

  • One the next screen, click Submit

  • If you receive a warning/ error, click the Override Validation button


  • Log into your admin portal on configure.phone.com

  • Click on Phones on the left side

  • You will see a list of all phones here

  • Click the red plus sign if none is assigned, or the edit pen if there is one

  • Once the address is entered in fully, click continue

  • If you receive a warning/ error, click the Confirm button to override

Note: If you are using your mobile application or My.Phone.com, you will need to verbally tell the operator your location, as it will not provide your address to them.


  1. Can I opt out?
    As a FCC regulation opting out is not an option.
  2. How much does it cost?
    Since each state imposes their own E911 fee therefore we cannot specify a set fee for all customers. 
  3. Why does the fee fluctuate?
    Fluctuation in this fee may be seen based on emergency service needs in your state or county.
    i.e. If a new emergency dispatch info structure is needed you may notice a raise in this fee
  4. What does the fee pay for?
    This helps to pay for 911 dispatch services as well as other emergency services in your area.
  5. Who is responsible for this fee?
    Taxes and fees are collected by many states, as well as by some counties and cities, based on state laws and regulations. 
  6. Does the address automatically update when I move?
    While we provide a system for E911 address registration it's the user's responsibility to keep the system updated by following these steps.
  7. Does it work on the mobile app or my.phone.com?
    No, If you are using your mobile application or My.Phone.com, you will need to verbally tell the operator your location, as it will not provide your address to them.