How Do I Troubleshoot Outbound and Inbound Faxing Errors?

If issues with your outbound or inbound faxing ever arise follow these steps to troubleshoot



  1. Verify that the number is configured properly to receive faxes.

  2. Try to duplicate the issue by sending yourself a test fax from an external fax source such as 

  3. If you are unable to duplicate it, ask the sender to resend the fax.

    1. Explain that if they are sending from a physical fax machine the baud rate needs to be adjusted to 9600.

  4. If you are able to duplicate it, please contact our support team at 800-998-7087 for additional assistance.


  1. Verify that the destination fax number is not an international number. Our faxing service is meant for domestic use only.

  2. Confirm the Fax is being sent, i.e., the Preview Fax icon is being selected, and then Send a Fax on the next page.

  3. Make sure the file being faxed is a supported file type. We currently support the following files: doc, Docx, HTML, jpg, pdf, ppt, pptx, RTF, tiff, txt, Xls, xlsx. However, for the best results, we recommend PDF.

    1. Are you getting Text Not Found after uploading a .pdf? Try some of the following to see if resolves the issue:

      1. This error usually means the .pdf is corrupted although a .pdf reader can still read it. The easiest way to correct this is to use the Print to PDF option on the print dialog. Choose Save as PDF as the printer destination. This will create a new pdf that can be used instead.

      2. Verify that there are no special characters in the filename. If so, rename it with only letters and numbers.

      3. Attempt sending a fax with Quality set to low instead of medium.

      4. Confirm the document is not encrypted or password protected. If so you will need to have regular .pdf versions of these documents to be able to fax with our service.

  4. Page and Size limits:

    Via you can send up to 200 pages as long as they are under 10MB in size and spread across no more than 5 attachments per fax,

    Using the legacy fax service via the max size limit is 2MB or 10 pages.

    Anything higher than this amount may go through, but there are no guarantees.

    Attempt to compress the file or send the fax in more than one attempt by splitting the fax into multiple portions.

  5. Confirm the document does not have any mixed orientation, i.e., no combination of portrait and landscape. Otherwise, the top of pages will cut out on the Preview Fax page.

  6. Attempt to duplicate the failed outbound fax.

    1. The issue can be with the fax number itself, to test this you can send a fax from a free fax service like Fax Zero to see if it fails.

  7. If faxing to a fax machine, please contact the receiver and have them adjust the baud rate of their fax machine to 9600.

  8. If you were able to fax to this number before and currently are unable to,  that can be a product of the receiving fax line being busy, the fax machine not being plugged in or broken, no power, etc. In this situation, you can:

    1. Wait and try to send a fax later.

    2. Contact the receiver and inquire if they are having issues with their fax.

  9. If unable to resolve the issues with the steps above. Contact our support team at 800-998-7087 or submit a support ticket for additional assistance.  We will need a detailed note of the issue, troubleshooting attempted, and relevant fax examples.