How do I troubleshoot my receptionist services?

Are your calls not being handled or answered as you expected? Follow these steps

Both Live and Virtual receptionist services follow a script. Select the topic that best matches your receptionist issue

Calls Are Not Being Handled As Desired
Receptionist is Enabled But Not Working
Other Issues

Calls Not Being Handled As Desired

If your calls are not being handled as expected follow these steps  to review your script to ensure it is setup to your liking and update it if any additional steps are needed. 

Receptionist is Not Working
If you have enabled your receptionist services but upon calling it is not working you may not have applied your receptionist services to your call handling rules. You can follow these steps to learn how to assign your receptionist 

Other Issues

If you have other issues or were unable to resolve your issue following the steps above please reach out to our support team via chat or phone at 800-998-7087