How do I set up call forwarding?

You can forward calls to a number of your choice, like your personal phone number. administrators can forward any number to another phone number.  It can be done in the Configure app or the Admin Control Panel.


Set Up Forwarding Using

Set Up Forwarding Using the Control Panel


Forward a Number in Configure

Login to

Select Numbers from the left navigation bar

NxT Forwarding 1


Click the edit icon next to the number you want to forward.

NxT Forwarding 2


This will open the number configuration screen.

NxT Forwarding 3


Scroll to the Call Handling section and choose Forward to a Number from the drop-down menu.

NxT Forwarding 4


Enter the number to which you would like your calls forwarded, and click save.

NxT Forwarding 5


Forward a Number in the Control Panel

Log in to

Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers.

Class Forwarding 1

Select Edit for the number you want to forward.

Class Forwarding 2


For Number Action, click Edit.

Class Forwarding 3


Change Select Operation to Forward Call.

Class Forwarding 4


Enter the phone number or extension that you want calls forwarded to. You can also set additional ring options like ring duration and hold music.

Click Save Rule Settings.

Class Forwarding 5

Your call forwarding is now setup and you can start receiving calls!