How do I set up and use the Communicator Softphone?

The Communicator softphone is's legacy desktop calling application.

The Communicator softphone is's legacy desktop calling application. Our newest and fully supported portal for making and managing phone calls, text messages, faxes, and video meetings is  

If you prefer to make calls from your desktop, our Communicator software allows you to receive and make calls from your computer, without a phone device or adapter.

To use Communicator, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a dedicated extension on your account to use for Communicator
  2. Download and install the software on your computer
  3. Find and use your unique Communicator username and password to log into the software.

Create an Extension for Communicator

Log in to the Control Panel.

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Add a User/Extension.
  2. Click Communicator.
  3. After reading the information on the page, click Add Communicator. On the Basket Contents page, click Confirm Order.

Downloading the Communicator Software

You can download the desktop app for either Windows or Mac with these links:



  1. Once you have created a Communicator extension and installed the Communicator software – Find and Use Your Communicator Credentials
  2. Mouse over Configure and click Manage Users and Extensions.
  3. Click Edit for the new Communicator extension that you have just added.
  4. Make a note of the username and password for your Communicator extension, found under View Login Info to the right of your page.
    Launch Communicator and enter the username and password you just noted. Click Remember details if you don’t want to sign in every time you use Communicator.
  5. Click Login.
    You are now ready to start using the Communicator softphone.