How do I set up call handling rules?

You can send calls to voicemail, give the caller greetings and menu options, ring one or more users or extensions, or send the call to another number.

Call handling rules can be set using the Configure app or the Admin Control Panel, depending on which app you use to administer your account.

Call Handling with

Call Handling with the Control Panel


Set Up and Manage Call Handling with


Log into using your administrator credentials.
Click on Numbers.
Select My numbers on the top navigation options.


NxT Forwarding 1


Select the pencil icon located under the Edit column.

NxT Forwarding 2


Welcome Message

To play a welcome message each time a call is received, switch the toggle to on and add your message by typing text, uploading a prerecorded file, or recording a new message.


nxt chr

Click save.


Ring Users

To ring one or more users, select Ring Users from the Call Handling dropdown and check the box of each user you would like to ring.


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Click Save.


Use a Menu

To give your callers multiple options, select Use a Menu from the Call Handling dropdown.

Explain the menu options to the caller by typing text, uploading a file, or recording a new message. Your menu greeting might be something like, "Press 1 for Sales, and 2 for Support."


nxt chr 3

Next, set up what will happen when the user chooses each menu option. You can ring one or more users or send the call to voicemail. Each option can be different or they can all be the same.


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You can then associate the calls for each menu option with the Company Inbox or the inbox of any of your users.


nxt chr 6

When you are finished with each menu option, click Save.


Send Directly to Voicemail

To send calls to this number directly to voicemail, select Send to Voicemail from the Call Handling dropdown and then select which voicemail box to use.

Click Save.

nxt chr 7


Forward to Another Number

Choose Forward to a Number from the drop-down menu.

NxT Forwarding 4


Enter the number to which you would like your calls forwarded, and then hit save.

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