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How do I enable international calling on my account?

Phone.com offers international dialing to and from the Phone.com telephone numbers. Here's how to gain access.

In order to protect against international dialing fraud, international calling must be enabled for your account by our support team. You can request international calling to be enabled on your account by contacting the Phone.com support team via phone, email or chat. Certain account types may be subject to a $200 pre-payment.

Other International Calling FAQs                                    

Is international dialing needed in order to receive international calls? - No, it is not.

Where can I find international rates? - The international rates for Phone.com can be located here: https://www.phone.com/international-rates-and-numbers/

Will I still be charged for international minutes if I am forwarding my Phone.com number to an international number? - International rates apply to any calls to or from International numbers that have international rates. This includes call forwarding. Phone.com’s Unlimited (Plus or Pro) extensions only encompass US numbers.

If I live or travel outside the USA, will I need international dialing enabled? - When traveling or living outside of the USA you will want to have international dialing enabled.

Does Phone.com offer international numbers? - Yes, we offer you global phone numbers that give your international clients a local number to call.|

How do I add a global number to my Phone.com Account? - Please contact Phone.com support to add global numbers to your account. Some countries have restrictions on global numbers. Our agents will ensure that all rules are satisfied before adding a global number.

Are their any countries that are included in the Phone.com calling plan ? - Yes, those countries are Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, USA and iNUM global numbers. 

Are their any countries that you block outbound calls to? - Yes, Phone.com does not connect calls to Haiti (+509), Nigeria (+234), and satellite calls (+87).

I have international calling enabled but the call is not connecting, What is wrong?  - Ensure you are dialing 011 before the international dialing code and number.

I do not see the dialing code I want to call, does that mean it is not supported? - Contact our support team and we can assist you with this.