How do I assign receptionist services?

Virtual receptionist can be assigned via or 

  • In the CHR section of a number in Configure App, choose “Use Receptionist Services.”
  • Choose existing scripts or create a new one
    • Existing scripts will be visible in the drop down section for both Live and Virtual Receptionist.
    • If you choose to create a new script, you will then need to choose between the Virtual Receptionist and the Live Receptionist option. 
      • With either option, the pre-populated settings for a new script will include a greeting with the company name and a warm transfer to each activated user (unactivated users will need to be added in More Services) with a failover to the user's voicemail if the call is rejected or unanswered.
    • Save, and edits will be available in More Services

  • After creating your script, you will be able to log into to control panel to enable the script with the following steps
    • Click on Configure at the top
    • Manage Numbers
    • Edit the number to allow the script to be run on
    • Edit number actions
    • Choose Receptionist and then the script drop-down that the customer would like to use