What is the difference between a 411 Directory and Caller ID Name (CNAM)?

Both a 411 Directory and Caller ID can be useful features for your number but what exactly are they?

411 Directory
Caller ID


What is a 411 directory?

A 411 directory lists your business locally via your business category.

i.e If you own a notary business and someone dials 411 from their phone they will be connected to the 411 directory which will allow them to search for notary businesses. 

Registering your business via a 411 directory will allow you to appear in this search.

What is a Caller ID Name (CNAM)?

Caller ID is the name that shows when you dial out from your Phone.com number. Ideally you would want your outbound caller ID to display your business name.

Caller ID Names (CNAM) are updated via the National Caller ID Registry.

FAQ 's

How do I set up my caller ID name?

Reference our help article here to learn how to setup your caller ID name.

Does Phone.com automatically register my number to a 411 directory?

Phone.com does not register your number to a 411 directory on your behalf.

How do I register my number to a 411 directory?

Phone.com does not have a 411 directory registry however, there is a third party site that has helped some of our customers register their business with the 411 directory. It is not affiliated with Phone.com and we can't guarantee its effectiveness or security, but you might take a look at listyourself.net